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This is something you don’t want to miss – Nightless Night Photography Workshop

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Do you have a secret crush towards Finnish Lapland and its miraculous wonders? Would you love to witness magical nightless night, when the midnight sun doesn’t set at all? Are you a passionate landscape photographer and social media enthusiast or maybe dreaming of becoming one? Then this is definitely something you don’t want to miss!

Land of the midnight sun

We have a saying “onni yksillä, kesä kaikilla” here in Finland, which means that even though you’re not lucky at the moment or you’re feeling a bit blue, summer will come anyway to you too. And when the summer finally arrives after a long and cold winter, you simply cannot be down, because it is SUMMER. As you can see, summertime is something truly sacred to us Finns. We cherish our warm nights with endless light, when you can (usually) forget your long johns in to the wardrobe together with your winter boots. If you have ever spent the winter here in the Nordics, you might have a clue what I’m talking about. I don’t want you to think, that we don’t love our winters with snow covered trees and skies full of dazzling Northern Lights, because we do, but after months of freezing weather and unending darkness, the warm summer breeze is warmly welcomed.

In Lapland, above the Arctic Circle, the contrast between endlessly light summer nights and the most darkest winter months is unimaginable – can you believe that during the summer months Lapland has got 24 hours sunlight a day? It’s such an incredible feeling to sit in the middle of the night by the calm Lappish lake in complete silence and feel the golden sun cherish your cheekbones. Midnight sun is really something you should experience at least once in your life! And there is no better place to witness this phenomenon than in Finland.

Nightless Night Endless Light

What would you say about conquering a Finnish fell and capturing the endless wilderness bathe in the light of the arctic midnight sun with congenial people and a few guides that are experts in storytelling and landscape photography? I’d say count me in! Photography, social media and Lappish summer sound like an epic trio I really wanna see and experience for myself. I’m sure you all want to know how you can join us? Let me tell you.

This unique event is called Nightless Night Photography Workshop and it’s now being held for the second time in beautiful Saariselkä, Finnish Lapland, June 30-July 2 2017. In three days you will get to dive into the secrets of social media and photography with three experts, meet a bunch of like-minded people and enjoy the arctic summer in all its glory. This event will guide you through the informative parts and practical workshops towards the finale of the event, the Nightless Night Photo Marathon, where you will be challenged in everything you have learned during the workshop in a 12 hour photography mission. Sounds like something you really don’t want to miss!

But remember, that it really doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional photographer, because this is the best place to learn new stuff! You just need to have your own camera, waterproof jacket (just in case) and eager mind. That’s all.

I personally couldn’t be more exited about this workshop, because (this might come as a surprise) I simply just love love love photography – especially in natural light. Lapland is also one of my favorite places on Earth, so the fact that the workshop is situated far in the North by the summer, when the light really is endless, will definitely offer an adventure I really can’t experience anywhere else.

So come on – who’s with me? Will I see you by the end of the June in Lapland?

Ensure your place at this once in a lifetime event in here.

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