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When thinking about Lapland, most of the times word mystical seems to pop up to one’s mind. This is no wonder, since the pristine arctic nature with it’s white summer nights is really unique for one to experience. But at the same time the environment for domestic wild animals and plants is quite extreme, especially because of the long dark winter months. When talking about Lapland you also mustn’t forget the Sami people, who formed Finland’s first nation, traditional culture and lifestyle. Did you know that they are actually Finland’s indigenous people? These two, Sami culture and nature of Northern Lapland, are entwined together and will be the most important main themes you will get to know when visiting Siida in the heart of Finnish Lapland.

Diving into Sami culture and Lappish nature

Did you know that there are thousands of different reindeer related terms in the Sami language? Or that Sami joik is one of the oldest song traditions in Europe? How about the fact that the beautiful packed snow crust over the trees is formed mainly by the moisture in air condensing, or that the most important wildberry for Laplanders is cloudberry? These are only few of the interesting facts you will learn while exploring Siida’s fascinating permanent and changing exhibitions, where seasonal cycle of the arctic nature and survival strategies in the extreme conditions of the north are in focus. There is such a great variety of scientific information to look into, impressive visual experiences like photographs, genuine objects and the open-air museum for the exhibition visitor to see and feel and a rich sound world to hear, that after your visit your heart will be fulfilled with northern magic.

As been said, Sami culture and arctic nature are bound together and they are introduced to the public as a whole at Siida. That’s why it’s only natural that The National Museum of the Finnish Sami and the Nature Centre of Metsähallitus are together responsible of Siida’s inspiring exhibitions. And Siida is a great learning place for kids too! Children’s exhibition By the Forest (open until the Apr 08, 2018) is a trip into Sami children’s culture and Arctic nature. After spending hours in Siida (because it really is such an interesting place, that you just don’t want to miss any part of it!) you might need a moment to digest everything you have seen and learned. Sit down for a bit, grab a coffee or taste Lappish lunch menu at a pleasant restaurant Sarrit on the second floor of Siida. After the break you will most probably be ready to explore some more of Siida’s treasures.

Inari – in the hearth of Lapland

Siida is situated in the village called Inari in the heart of Northern Lapland. The nearest airport is located 50 kilometers away in Ivalo and there are a few travel service busses operating both from Ivalo and Saariselkä to Inari. The most easiest way to reach Siida and its surroundings is by your own or rented car, because when in Lapland you really want to see everything it has to offer. The Customer Service of Metsähallitus at the Nature Centre Siida is an excellent starting-point for an excursion in nature. Questions like where should I go, how will I get there, what kind of permissions do I need or where can I spend the night will find an answer at the Customer Service of Metsähallitus on the first floor of Siida.

Within an hour’s drive from Siida you will find a couple of the most beautiful hiking destinations in the whole country. Take for instance Finland’s two largest national parks: the legendary Lemmenjoki National Park and Urho Kekkonen National Park, where you can visit a fell called Kiilopää and be fascinated by the views across the whole National Park area. On a clear day you might be lucky and get to see from top of the Kiilopää even the remote Korvatunturi fell – the home of Father Christmas. In Kevo Nature Reserve almost 80 meters deep canyon-like valley of the River Kevojoki forms the core of the area, but you will need at least few days to hike to canyon and back. Hammastunturi, Vätsäri, Muotkatunturi, Kaldoaivi and Paistunturi Wilderness Areas charm adventurers to feel the nature’s pristines of the Far North. And last but definitely not least, the beautifully rugged lake Inarijärvi, which clear waters are a real paradise for canoeists and boaters.

Lapland is well-known for it’s nature wonders and it’s amazing landscapes. Experiencing Northern lights dancing in the dark night sky while the frost is biting your cheekbones, or witnessing the ever setting golden midnight sun on top of the Finnish fell is something you’ll have to experience at least once in your life. But when you want to dive beneath the surface and expert your knowledge about Northern Lapland’s most important things, it’s adapting nature and ancient culture, I warmly recommend you to pay a visit to Siida’s . I promise you won’t regret it.

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