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In the core of modern Finnishness: sauna yoga and peat bath

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I had a true FinRelax-holiday last week: I dedicated two days only for myself, and escaped to a Spa to try sauna yoga and a peat treatment. But did it work like planned – did I return home as a new, refreshed me?

It was quite unbelievable: a couple of days only for me. No-one would be grabbing my leg asking for something, I could drink my coffee while it’s still hot and I could eat without monitoring someone else’s chores. And the best thing: I would be able to sleep a whole night shaped like an X in a huge bed, and focus only on myself.

I was invited to try out the award-winning Finrelax programme at the Peurunka Spa in Laukaa, Central Finland. I was super happy about going to Peurunka, as it is a spa where I’ve spent many good moments as a kid with my late grandmother. Peurunka is a place for happy memories to me, and now I was able to create more of them!

I started my relaxing days with a sunset walk on the ice. Although I’ve spent all my childhood summers in the countryside of Finland, it’s still something magical to me, how silent it is when you get outside the capital area of Helsinki. The pure air, winter sun and white surroundings set my mind at ease. But I wasn’t in Peurunka only to enjoy the outdoors, despite their amazing beauty!

Sauna yoga – perfect combination for the body and mind

As a sauna-loving Finn, I have always thought infrared saunas must be the most useless things there are on this planet. Who wants to sit in a warm – but not warm enough – room for 30 minutes? They say infrared sauna’s have health benefits and thus are good for you. In my opinion, the traditional Finnish sauna is better – at least you can break a proper sweat there, really relax and get rid of all the junk in your body. But infrared sauna is just plain boredom.

Until now! Someone has invented the sauna yoga practice, which makes perfect use for the infrared sauna. The concept of sauna yoga is exceptionally good. First, sauna makes your muscles super warm and stretchy. Second, focusing on your yoga practice for 30 minutes makes the time in the infrared sauna go by so much faster whilst doing something useful.

Anneli Kovanen, my personal sauna yoga instructor, admitted her thoughts about the infrared sauna had been similar with mine. But when she got a chance to study to become a sauna yoga instructor and revealed the great benefits of this practice, she changed her mind.

Anneli led me into the warm sauna, with a dim lightning. There was a place reserved for me: a bigger towel on which to sit, a smaller towel to dry my sweaty face with, and a bottle of water. Quickly I noticed the water was a real necessity to survive the sauna yoga practice.

As the practice went on I noticed how much I started to enjoy it: the sauna as warm, my body felt relaxed but strong and my mind loved the silence.

At first, the practice felt like it wouldn’t gime me much of a challenge. But as the heat started to kick in, the feeling changed. The warmth of the sauna made all of my muscles feel so sretchy and flexible, and I was able to bend into positions like never before. This was a feeling quite unique for me as a busy mother, who has neglected streching for a long time. As the practice went on I noticed how much I started to enjoy it: the sauna as warm, my body felt relaxed but strong, and my mind loved the silence that surrounded me. Pure bliss.

After 30 minutes my water bottle was empty, clothes sweaty and mind happy. I felt like I had grown 10 centimeters in height as my posture straightened. I loved the practice so much I could have continued it for another 30 minutes! But it was time for the next part of my Finnrelax-holiday: a peat treatment.

Soft and re-vitalized skin from a peat bath?

What is peat, you might wonder. It’s actually something that comes out from the swamp lands, and boy do we have swamps here in Finland! This is why it makes me really happy that we have started to embrace our traditional and natural ways of pampering treatments here in Finland. That’s why I was excited to try out also the peat bath for the first time in my life.

After the sauna yoga I showered quickly and head out to the day spa area in Peurunka. There I was told to strip off and put on only a disposable string. Yes, the spa string everyone loves (NOT)! As I laid on my back on the table, and the lady started to rub warm, dark brown stuff on my skin, I immediately forgot I was completely naked and wearing a paper string. The warm peat felt amazing on my skin. As my muscles were already nice and relaxed, the warmth of the peat felt like it went straight in.

After being fully covered up in the suspicious-looking dark stuff I was rolled inside plastic wrappers and covered with towels. I felt like a silly relaxed sushi-roll.

The lady left alone into a dark room for a good 20 minutes. I dozed off to a far-away land with no housing chores or responsibilities, just pure carefree euphoria. But at some point I was told to wakey-wakey, and to go to a shower to rinse off most of the peat. Already at this point I noticed how nice my skin felt: soft and bouncy.

But this wasn’t it. I had to jump into a sea weed bath, which would moisturize my skin. After another calm 20 minutes I rose up from the bath tub and felt like Afrodite with my glowing skin. I can’t really recall a time I had felt so breezy and serene, as felt when walking back to my hotel room.

Was my mission accomplished? Totally. I would recommend both of these treatments any day, and especially combining them. They work really well together to give you a full body and mind Finnrelax feeling!

Check out Peurunka web site for more information about this award-winning FinnRelax programme.


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