Our favourite moments from the past year

This year has been amazing and full of adventures in our beautiful home country. We’ve been exploring Lapland, Lakeland, Kanta-Häme, Kainuu, Helsinki area and experienced so many memorable moments in the Finnish nature.

We wanted to collect a few of our favourite memories from this past year 2017, when our beloved Finland turned 100 years.

A magical winter hike in Riisitunturi National Park

“Living in the bustling city of Helsinki, we too miss total silence from time to time. I had almost forgotten how utterly wonderful it feels like to close your eyes and hear – nothing. In the evening, when the last day trekkers left the wilderness hut where we would be spending the night at, we were surrounded with such peace. No cars or trams rattling by, no busy people, no screaming kids and no obligations.


Repovesi National Park and last colors of the fall

“Is exploring the wilderness, or even spending a night out there, something you might want to try on your travels to Finland? Answer to your longing might be Repovesi National Park, which offers something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a wilderness newbie or a true forest ranger, you will undoubtedly find outstanding views and unique experiences by roaming these bare cliffs, forests and waters of Repovesi.”

Nightless Night I will never forget

“So, did I end up using my long johns or mosquito repellent during the workshop? Nope. The weather was rather amazing and we all enjoyed the warm summer breeze during those days in Saariselkä. Did I get to conquer a fell? Oh I sure did! And as you can see from these images, the scene was truly out of this world. Fell Kiilopää near Saariselkä treated us so well. It offered us the most perfect Nightless Night moments one can imagine! To just sit on top of the world in total stillness, listening to the traditional Sámi women singing and watching how the sun colors the endless wilderness in all shades of yellow, was something I will never forget.” 

An unforgettable canoeing trip to Julma Ölkky

“The silence is almost complete, if you don’t take in count the casual squeals of the Siberian Jay’s, or the splashing paddles. We don’t feel the need to talk – we just want to absorb everything out of this perfect moment. Our goal is to reach the suspension bridge on half way of lake Julma Ölkky, and carry on as long as we feel like. I notice the fish jumping and can’t help but wonder what lies in the depths of this 50 meter deep lake.”

So here they were, our favourite moments from this past year. Maybe they included some of your favourite posts too? We hope this list of posts might help you find something, you hadn’t read before from this blog. Or if not, then all we can say is a huge thank you for being such an active follower!

Having experienced these moments here in Finland, our homeland, during this year full of celebration, we cannot be anything else but thankful. We have travelled more in Finland than ever before, which was the goal for this year. But it doesn’t have to stop here! There are still loads and loads of places to explore and forests to roam. For example, next summer we hope to travel more in our beautiful archipelago.