An ode to our beautiful four seasons

Four seasons are something we Finns take easily for granted. If you haven’t traveled that much you might not think four seasons are something unique and something we should be happy and proud of.

On my travels across the globe I have noticed how I sometimes missed winter after spending a long time somewhere really warm, in a place far far away where there’s an everlasting summer. I have realized how important it is to me to experience all four seasons on my skin and through my senses: smell the blossoming spring flowers, feel the warm summer breeze in my hair, become dazzled by the beauty of autumn colors and let the chilly but oh so beautiful winter make my cheeks naturally glowing. No blush needed here!

So here you go – an ode to Finnish four seasons. Why are they so lovable?


 A time-lapse movie happening right there, in front of your own two eyes.

Spring in Finland is a time for renewal and hope. The early springish days at the end of a long winter feel every year just like being born again. Day after day there’s more light to our days, and it’s always exciting to observe how those teeny tiny leafs and buds become larger and greener. Before you know it, you can spot 50 shades of beautiful green everywhere around you. Springtime almost feels like a time-lapse movie – but it’s actually all happening right there in front of your eyes.

Spring does also wonders to us Finns: in the springtime you might catch us smiling openly to total strangers, or even dancing and singing by ourselves – just out of pure happiness!


Finnish summer is at its best when enjoyed outside.

Most Finns just LOVE the Finnish summer and think it’s the best time in a person’s life. And you know what – it just might be so! Summer in Finland is everything you have ever dreamed of and more: nightless nights and sunny days, summer festivals, nature at it’s best. In the summer there’s so much going on in Finland you’ll have a tough job to choose where you want to go and what you want to experience. One thing is for sure though: do NOT miss dipping naked in to one of our thousands of lakes after going to sauna.

Finnish summer is at its best when enjoyed outside, in the middle of our beautiful nature and with a bunch of friends, so I highly recommend renting a cabin. That way you can spend the summer and get a glimpse of how the locals do it!


A nature’s firework you have never seen before.

Autumn is my favourite of our four seasons. Why? Well, all I have to say is that you should be prepared for something truly spectacular, for the Finnish autumn is a nature’s firework you have never seen before! The indisputably best way to experience Finnish autumn bliss is to book a hiking trip to Lapland in September and spend at least a weekend marveling the nature in all its glory. If it’s not an option to go to Lapland, don’t worry – you’ll meet plenty of amazing autumnal sight also in southern parts of our dear country.


Experience the magical Auroras at least once in your lifetime.

It makes your toes tweak and your heart sing! It makes you feel like a child all over again when playing in the snow and sliding down the hill in a sled. Okay, it is a bit dark here in the wintertime, but I promise you won’t find it depressing. Just light a few candles – maybe even a fireplace – pour a glass of good red, wrap a blanket around your shoulders and throw yourself to the sofa, and you’ll know what we mean when we talk about our ambient wintertime.

If you’re not a big fan of cold either, think of it this way: it needs to be cold and dark so that you can experience one of the greatest things our nordic winter has to offer – the amazing Aurora Borealis. 

When would you like to experience Finland – during the Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

A 30-year-old adventuring mother and nature lover, who’s been around the world with her husband and is now set to explore her beloved home country Finland. Loves the silence of the woods, skinny dipping in lakes, staying up too late in the summer nights and teaching her son to respect and love the nature around us. And of course traveling, telling stories and photography.