About us

This site has been born out of love for our native land: its pure nature, green forests, lush meadows, nightless nights, quirky people and sound of silence. After traveling years abroad we realized what a gem we have right here at our fingertips. Cliché or not, but you really need to travel far to see near. Now, to honour Finland’s 100th year of independence, we created this blog. Hope you are as excited about this as we are!

Who are we

We are Rimma and Laura – friends, adventuring moms and bloggers from Finland. Our Finnish blog RIMMA + LAURA has been up and running for a good while now. Since we adventure a lot in Finland and – as Finns – are experts on many things Finnish, it hit us: we should be writing this stuff in English, too. Sounds pretty simple but that’s usually how the best ideas are born!

Our philosophy as #adventuringmoms

As the official adventuring moms of Finland we want to encourage people to go out into the nature. Start with easy microadventures from your backyard and move ahead to exploring national parks when you’re ready to take the next step. But don’t make it too complicated – the main thing is to go out and enjoy.

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Fall in love with Finland with the help of Fall into Finland

We try to do our best at serving you with our best tips and most inspiring photos of our motherland. If you have something to ask or if you’d like to read about something we haven’t written about yet, please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your wishes!

Meet Rimma & Laura


We are Rimma and Laura, friends and adventuring moms from the woods of Finland. We share a passion for nature, photography, writing, traveling – and of course Finland. This blog is our tribute to this native land of ours. You are warmly welcome to fall into Finland with us!