May we present: the travel blog of the year!

Something totally amazing and unpredictable happened on Friday night. As some of you might remember, the Blog Awards Finland announced their shortlist of this year’s nominees in August, and this little blog of ours was shortlisted in the Travel category. This alone felt unbelievable, and we were so honoured to receive this kind of recognition.  After all – this blog has been born out of pure love towards our native land and its wonders, people and design.

Friday was The Day. We were shaking of excitement already at the hairdresser’s. We dressed up into our lovely matching outfits from one of our favourite Finnish brands Uhana Design, and headed to the venue with our dear friends on our side.

The gala was held at A-Lehdet in Kulosaari, Helsinki, and all the topical Finnish content creators were there. The venue and all the people looked beautiful, food tasted great and bartenders were mixing amazing drinks. These kinds of balls aren’t really our comfort zone places, as we are more outdoorsy type of ladies rather than dashing bling bling girls, but something felt different this night. There were such positive vibes in the air.

We were competing against two hard core content creators (go check out Timo Wilderness and Fangirl Quest if you haven’t already!). When the time to announce the winners finally came and the travel category was announced to be the first one, we swear our hearts were beating so fast we were afraid they would just jump out.

And the winner of the Blog Awards Finland 2017 travel category is… FALL INTO FINLAND!


Screaming, crying and bouncing out of joy we went to the stage and couldn’t think of anything to say that would actually make sense. What the heck had just happened?

We still can’t really believe it’s true. It is an honour to receive acknowledgement like this. We know we are not the biggest, but we also do know this: we are in this with full hearts, doing our own thing, and want to continue with this same kind of passion. We want to keep on telling you about Finland: share stories about it’s nature and people, phenomena and traditions.

We couldn’t be happier that our blog about Finland has been welcomed with such warmth – after all, Fall into Finland has been around only less than a year. This is also a good moment to thank you, our dear readers, for all you nice comments, social media shares and amazing stories you have shared with us. It has been truly wonderful to read how this blog has made our Finnish readers look at their homeland with more pride in their eyes. But it has also been such a privilege to read, how our non-Finnish readers have felt a growing interest towards Finland, or how some of you have even found a way to connect better with your Finnish heritage and roots via our blog. Thank you all!

We have a lot of ideas on what to write about in the future, but if you guys have some hopes and dreams you would like to share with us regarding this blog and its upcoming content, please do let us know in the comments below or by email.

Thanks for the picture of us from the gala, amazingly talented Kirsi Tasala Photography.

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