What is the role of nature in our life?

Have you thought about what nature means to us? Not only as a source of breathable air, minerals, and food but also a huge and uniquely beautiful world in which man is just one of myriads of living beings. From ancient times, our ancestors respected nature and even worshiped it. They worshiped not only luminaries and the elements but also believed that every tree, stone, and flower, not to mention animals and birds, could think and feel. Everyone must learn to appreciate what surrounds him, to try to preserve their native nature. Therefore, writing why is it important to connect with nature essay is an obligatory task in every educational institution. Communication with nature should take various forms: work, contemplation, creativity, scientific research, observation, and admiration.

Recommendations on writing why is it important to connect with nature essay

The structure of why it is important to connect with nature essay involves the presentation of a specific thesis at the beginning of the work. After that, the argumentation of the opinion begins with the use of appropriate calculations, apt quotations, or relevant facts from life.

Traditionally, an essay consists of:

  • A title that must accurately describe the content of the written work. The essay does not use the plan, so the author automatically goes to the main text.
  • The introductory part substantiates the need to study the issues selected by the author and puts forward a key hypothesis. The hypothesis, in this case, is a certain assumption, which in the course of writing an essay, will be confirmed or denied. It should be noted that the self-formed idea must be confirmed. It is also possible that the author of the essay’s text emphasizes that his primary opinion was wrong, and he changed his attitude toward the situation. If it is a short essay, you can refuse to write the word “introduction.”
  • Basis part. For a short essay, it is quite easy to prescribe the structure. Each new paragraph is a new thesis and argumentation of opinions. However, if you can’t help but use large information blocks in your work, it’s best to highlight them with subheadings and bold. The structure of the main part of the essay is similar to a chain. Arguments continue the thesis, and after proving one hypothesis, reasoning about another begins.

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