The problem of moral choice freedom vs safety essay in modern society

Life in modern society is centered around a constant choice. Every day we choose what food to cook, what paper writing services to utilize or what clothes to wear, how to get to work and what specialty to choose, what to do in this or that situation. The problem of choice, however, concerns not only matters of practical life, but also the moral side of personal and social life. Perhaps, the problem of moral choice can be called one of the most urgent for modern sociocultural communities. And no matter how strange it may sound, for the majority of people in modern conditions of social development the problem of choice between freedom and security remains topical.

What place do security and freedom have in the system of social values?

For the majority of people, in fact, these two notions are closely connected. People cannot feel safe if their freedom is restricted, and this applies both to physical safety and freedom, as well as to morals. Given the geopolitical situation in many countries of the world, these values can be attributed to the basic needs for a comfortable existence. No wonder – since ancient times, security has been one of the basic human needs, without which one simply cannot live. What does freedom have to do with it, you may ask? Safety means not only the totality of objective conditions of human life, under which nothing threatens it but also the possibility to change them if they do not provide safety of existence. If one of the components of this system of values is violated, a person objectively cannot feel harmony in life.

How dangerous is the choice between security and freedom?

At this stage of development of modern society, the situation in which a person must choose between his moral guidelines or personal values is considered absolutely abnormal. Today, exposure to physical factors that can threaten the integrity of the basic system of needs has been practically minimized, although not in all countries. However, the problem of choosing between basic and moral concerns is still relevant, even in societies with a high level of social bonding. If we tip the scales in the direction of moral concerns, human existence itself is threatened. If one chooses to satisfy the basic need for security, can one be called human, for in such a case one might say that one lacks the moral compass that distinguishes a highly developed human society?

If one were to take a survey for a “do my paper” service as to what is more important to human existence–security or freedom–most would probably answer that security. However, we should not forget that security that results in the violation of anyone’s freedom is only an illusion, which has nothing to do with a truly secure life. In modern conditions of society’s development, such a choice is unacceptable because freedom and security are not mutually exclusive, but complementary needs and moral values.