An unforgettable canoeing trip to Julma Ölkky

It’s an early Monday morning. I wake up to the familiar sound of my phone’s alarm clock. On a normal morning the sound would be kind of annoying, but not today. Today that beeping noise calls me out for an adventure. I ensure that I still have time to dress up without hurrying and eat a quick breakfast before leaving. Ten minutes later it’s 6 am and I’m sitting in a car with my sister and her boyfriend. It’s still dark outside, but slowly the day starts to conquer the night as we are driving towards our destination Julma Ölkky.

The journey isn’t long, because we have spent the night in the cozy traditional cottage of Hossan Lumo in the heart of the Hossa National Park. After a 15 minute drive we park our little car to the parking space near Julma Ölkky lake. It is so still, that you can almost hear a pine wood’s needle drop. There’s nobody else around and it’s almost an hour before the sunrise.

According to yesterday evening’s weather forecast, I was sure this morning would be foggy. And I was happy to notice I was right. The lake was as calm as our minds. We pushed our canoe to the water and started slowly floating along the largest canyon lake of Finland.

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The silence is almost complete, if you don’t take in count the casual squeals of the Siberian Jay’s, or the splashing paddles. We don’t feel the need to talk – we just want to absorb everything out of this perfect moment. Our goal is to reach the suspension bridge on half way of lake Julma Ölkky, and carry on as long as we feel like. I notice the fish jumping and can’t help but wonder what lies in the depths of this 50 meter deep lake.

Eventually we are approaching the canyon’s narrowest point where the bridge is hanging. Sempiternal rocks rise from the foggy waters as high as 50 meters. The dense mist creates such mystical environment and you almost can’t see the treetops near you.

I don’t know if it is the drizzling rain or undescribable love towards these wilderness views, but I could feel a tear rising to the corner of my eye. My heart was filled with joy and thankfulness, because I was able to share this unforgettable experience with my little sister.

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The colors of the fall have started to fade now, and we just had our first snow fall here in Southern Finland. The canoeing trip to Julma Ölkky was a perfect way to end this season and turn our minds towards the upcoming wonders of winter time.

PS. Did you notice my other post I wrote a week ago about Hossa National Park? You can find it here.

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