Finland – the first country in the world to have a flag day for its nature

On our centennial celebration year 2017 we will have our first official flag day to honor our nature. The date is set to be the last Saturday in August, so this year it’ll be the 26th of August. And for sure we here at Fall into Finland are going to celebrate this in some way! Maybe we’ll pack our backpacks and head out to the forest, or rent some kayaks and go marvel our unique nature from the sea. But whatever our way of celebration shall be, you will definitely hear about it here on the blog.

The Nature Days 2017 (Suomen luonnonpäivät) will celebrate the 100th birthday of our beloved country and its nature with four different theme days this year. There will be lots of organized as well as pop-up events to encourage people to get outside and experience something great in the nature. The dates and themes are:

-Feb. 4th 2017: Dive into Finnish winter. Try for example cross-country skiing, skating on a frozen lake, or get crazy and take a dip in an ice hole (you might wanna have the sauna warm, too)!

-May 20th 2017: Go nuts about the Spring. Feel the spring vibes, admire the green and fresh nature and go find some wild herbs from the woods.

-June 17th 2017: Fall in love with the summer night. This is an easy one – just go out into the wild and stay up all night! I’ll be a nightless nigh you’ll never forget.

-Aug. 26th 2017: Celebrate the Finnish nature. Exactly 100 days before our official 100th Independence Day, this will be the official flag day – the day when we’ll raise both our glasses and our flags to celebrate our wonderful nature!

We are also official hosts (yay, what an honor!) for this event, and we’ll organize at least one event of our own during this year. But we’ll tell you more about that a bit later! In the meantime, you can click this link and check out a beautiful video from the Nature day’s campaign from Facebook.

If you’re here in our hoods during these days, we strongly recommend adding some nature on your Finland bucket lists! 

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A 30-year-old adventuring mother and nature lover, who’s been around the world with her husband and is now set to explore her beloved home country Finland. Loves the silence of the woods, skinny dipping in lakes, staying up too late in the summer nights and teaching her son to respect and love the nature around us. And of course traveling, telling stories and photography.