Nightless Night I will never forget

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What would you say about conquering a Finnish fell and capturing the endless wilderness bathe in the light of the arctic midnight sun with congenial people and a few guides that are experts in storytelling and landscape photography? I’d say count me in!

Remember when I wrote a few months back about the Nightless Night Photography Workshop, which would be held in Inari Saariselkä, Finnish Lapland? Photography, social media and Lappish summer sounded like an epic trio I really didn’t want to miss! So on a beautiful sunny summer day I packed my family, my camera gear, warmest long johns we have (’cause when in Finland you’ll never know), mosquito repellent and hiking boots to our car and drove over 1.000 kilometers up North from Helsinki to take part on the workshop I had dreamed about for a long while.

Before our trip even started, I was pretty sure that the experience would be pure awesomeness. But I didn’t prepare myself for this kind of inspiration wave towards photography I have had ever since! Three days (and two nights) capturing mind-blowing scenes, learning from three talented photography experts and hanging out with likeminded participants – all as keen to photography as myself. And on top of all that, the most photogenic golden light created by mesmerizing midnight sun. What more can you ask for?

Learning from the experts

Participants at the workshop were from around Europe, including Finland, and some of them had traveled all the way from Canada! It was so much fun to hear their stories where they had learned about the workshop in the first place and what did they think about Finland. A couple of guys had been in Inari a year before and loved the place and workshop so much, that they had to come back. And I can’t blame them. This country of ours is pretty amazing and I feel so privileged to call it my home. I’m so glad that our foreign guests got to see Finland’s beauty at it’s best and a little part of our unique arctic nature. And of course – the famous nightless night.

The workshop was full of helpful information from improving your photography to getting more attention to your images on Instagram, but the most important thing I learned about social media was a simple reminder to just be yourself. Don’t mind anybody else’s opinions or the amount of likes you might get in social media with your update – just do what you enjoy the most. No matter what the subject you might want to share to the world is, key to one’s success is to do what really is you.

So, did I end up using my long johns or mosquito repellent during the workshop? Nope. The weather was rather amazing and we all enjoyed the warm summer breeze during those days in Saariselkä. Did I get to conquer a fell? Oh I sure did! And as you can see from these images, the scene was truly out of this world. Fell Kiilopää near Saariselkä treated us so well. It offered us the most perfect Nightless Night moments one can imagine! To just sit on top of the world in total stillness, listening to the traditional Sámi women singing and watching how the sun colors the endless wilderness in all shades of yellow, was something I will never forget.

Nightless Night Photography Workshop redeemed its promises. I really got an adventure that I wouldn’t have experienced anywhere else.

So until next time Lapland! I’ll promise to be back sooner than later.

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My name is Marjaana (or Rimma as you all know better here in social media). My roots are in Kainuu and heart belongs to Finnish nature. I’m a professional photographer, visual storyteller and adventuring mom, who loves to capture beautiful sceneries of our precious home country. Welcome to fall into Finland!