Stepping into Winter Wonderland at Camping Hossan Lumo

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Have you ever dreamed of spending your holiday in a peaceful place surrounded by the pristine nature, where you still have everything you need for an active winter holiday? In a place, where cosy lakeside cabins invite you to warm up in a traditional Finnish sauna after a long refreshing day outdoors? A place, where you can fulfill your heart by breathing in the silence and just enjoy the beauty of storybooklike forests? Well, I know just a perfect holiday destination for your next winter getaway and it’s called Camping Hossan Lumo.

Camping Hossan Lumo is situated right beside Hossa National Park

As you might already know from my previous post about Hossa National Park, Hossa is located in northeastern Finland, near the Russian border, in one of the most thinly populated areas in whole Europe. So no wonder why relaxing quietness is one of the major things that draw people to pay a visit into these fairytale forests. Hossa is home to countless of ridges shaped by the melting ice from the Ice Age, now growing wild green forests of pine trees that almost appear to reach to touch up the sky. Below the ridges are crystal clear ponds, lakes, and colorful swamps creating a mosaic-like scenery.

In the middle of this pure nature landscape is Camping Hossan Lumo, laying by the shore of beautiful lake Hossanjärvi. Besides campsite services, Hossan Lumo offers homely cabins for rent year-round. Their cottages vary from 2-6 people and five of the cabins are equipped with their own private sauna, where you can relax and wash off after a rewarding snowshoeing trip. New wooden lakeside sauna, which uses ecological sun power to heat up its water, is also available for visitors to book.

Camping Hossan Lumo’s facilities include a mini market and a café with free WiFi (market and cafe are running during the summer months), equipment rental, amenities building with showers and sauna, WC’s, washing machine and communal kitchen.


Green values and respect for the nature

One of the main things why I personally love to visit Hossan Lumo so much year after year, is that the adorable entrepreneur couple, Maija and Lenny, take the nature into consideration in everything they do and encourage all their visitors to do the same thing! They are developing their business and facilities to more ecological and greener direction all the time. I already mentioned sun power used in the freshly finished sauna building, but also their newest cabin uses only geothermal energy. They also aim to have more sun power usage in their other cottages in the near future. Careful recycling and ecological cleaning detergents are used on a daily bases and they also offer local & ecological products in their summer time mini market.

Countless of possibilities straight from your door steps

It’s so cool that you can enjoy Hossa’s endless natural wonders straight from your Hossan Lumo’s cottage doorsteps. During the winter months, frozen lake Hossanjärvi invites you to pack your bag with hot beverages, and hop on to your snow shoes or cross-country skis to explore the surrounding mesmerizingly beautiful winter landscape. 40 kilometers of cross-country skiing tracks starting just around the corner provide you a great opportunity to get to know the National Park’s snowy views. And if you are lucky – you might see Santa’s Little Helpers, reindeers, herding in the rugged forests.

Or how about trying out something new and rent a fat bike or pair of HOK-ski’s from Hossan Lumo? Besides snow shoes, HOK-ski’s are excellent for moving in deeper snow too. With these equipments you can navigate yourself towards the golden sunset, which you can easily witness over the lake Hossanjärvi. In addition to the setting sun, you can admire millions of stars twinkling on clear nights. And even get a once in a lifetime experience by witnessing the famous Green Lady, Northern lights, dancing on the dark night sky.


National Park of your dreams

If you are keen on natural beauty and enjoy the silence as much as I do, Hossa may just be the National Park of your dreams too. There you don’t have to stand in a queue or weave yourself through selfie-taking crowds. And yet there are so many one-of-a-kind features worth to see! Like at least 4000 years old Värikallio Rock Paintings and Finland’s biggest canyon lake Julma Ölkky, to mention a few. Camping Hossan Lumo is a great base for your epic exploration trip all year-round. So next time when you are looking for a new unforgettable place to pay a visit – you should consider traveling to this nature paradise. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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How to get there? Flights from Helsinki to Kuusamo (88 km away), Kajaani (207 km away) or Oulu (247 km away) will take you quite near. From the airport the easiest way to reach Hossan Lumo and the National Park area is by a rental car.

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