The story about how we became the official #adventuringmoms of Finland

When we found out that we’re having babies, we decided we wouldn’t become those moms who give up their own passions and hobbies after having kids. Having a child does not mean you can’t do anything fun anymore, but somehow we still had to justify this to many people. “After having a kid you sure won’t travel anymore!”  Oh, really? Challenge accepted!

Of course traveling and adventuring changes when you have a child accompanying your travels. You can’t sleep in the back of a car for months or drive 10 hours straight on a road trip anymore, but you can fix a minivan for family traveling and take it a bit easier when making your road tip plans. You can do smaller micro adventures on your own neighborhoods instead of hiking three weeks in a row in the wilderness.

 But this isn’t stopping. This is adapting to a new situation.

As travel bloggers and active moms we wanted to set out an example to other mothers-to-be and let them know it’ll be a-okay to keep on adventuring with your child. We had noticed how much we missed having a group of like-minded moms around us. Mothers, who value nature, love adventuring and traveling, and don’t stop doing it after having offspring. We knew we sure weren’t the only ones living this lifestyle – we just didn’t know where to look for other mothers doing the same stuff.

Since we couldn’t find a group of other adventuring mothers, we created one. @adventuringmoms is now a nice Instagram-community spreading out the joy of camping, traveling and adventuring with kids of all ages. You can also join us by using following our @adventuringmoms-account and tagging #adventuringmoms on your pictures related to this matter!

So moms, don’t stay in – go out and enjoy the outdoors and the wonders of nature and traveling with your kids! They’ll definitely thank you later for offering these beautiful experiences to them.

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#adventuringmomstravel with kids

A 30-year-old adventuring mother and nature lover, who’s been around the world with her husband and is now set to explore her beloved home country Finland. Loves the silence of the woods, skinny dipping in lakes, staying up too late in the summer nights and teaching her son to respect and love the nature around us. And of course traveling, telling stories and photography.