Things you should know about Finland

If you think about Finland – what pops to your mind? Maybe Santa? Some of you might have learned that Finland is a small country somewhere between Russia and other Scandinavia. Not sure is it really East or West, but at least they have their Moomins. The place where people live in ice made igloos in a […]


Welcome to Fall into Finland!

Hi there! We are super happy you popped in for a visit to our brand new blog, Fall into Finland. This is a blog dedicated to Finland only: its nature, culture, history and of course the best places to visit. We are here to serve you with the best tips and tricks on how to […]


An ode to our beautiful four seasons

Four seasons are something we Finns take easily for granted. If you haven’t traveled that much you might not think four seasons are something unique and something we should be happy and proud of. On my travels across the globe I have noticed how I sometimes missed winter after spending a long time somewhere really […]

We are proud to be Finns because…

Today marks the 100th day of our independence here in Finland. We have been amazed to see, how many countries around the world have remembered our special day, and sent their congrats to us. Many magazines (like The Telegraph) have also written humbling listings why Finland is the most amazing country in the world. This […]

May we present: the travel blog of the year!

Something totally amazing and unpredictable happened on Friday night. As some of you might remember, the Blog Awards Finland announced their shortlist of this year’s nominees in August, and this little blog of ours was shortlisted in the Travel category. This alone felt unbelievable, and we were so honoured to receive this kind of recognition. […]


Our favourite moments from the past year

This year has been amazing and full of adventures in our beautiful home country. We’ve been exploring Lapland, Lakeland, Kanta-Häme, Kainuu, Helsinki area and experienced so many memorable moments in the Finnish nature. We wanted to collect a few of our favourite memories from this past year 2017, when our beloved Finland turned 100 years. […]

Nightless Night I will never forget

Commercial cooperation with Arctic Light International Events What would you say about conquering a Finnish fell and capturing the endless wilderness bathe in the light of the arctic midnight sun with congenial people and a few guides that are experts in storytelling and landscape photography? I’d say count me in! Remember when I wrote a few months back […]

Finnish coffee culture – Lifecycle of coffee addicted Finns

If there are two things that are sacred to us Finns, they must be sauna and coffee (not combined, though). Coffee belongs to most of the situations in a Finn’s life. Whether it’s about joy or sorrow, home or work, spending time with family and friends, waiting for the bus, sitting by a campfire or a […]

Finnish design pt. 1 – kids fashion

The idea for this blog post actually came from one of our readers, a Finnish-American woman I have gotten to know a little bit through Instagram. She asked me for some tips about Finnish kid’s design brands and before I knew it, I had uploaded a gazillion links to her Instagram message box. Oopsies. I […]

Lapland state of mind

What’s so amazing about Lapland? Why can one claim it to be a true Winter Wonderland? It blows your mind out and it leaves you speechless. Its unique beauty doesn’t stop to the snow-covered trees and fjells, oh no. It continues to the night sky where you might be able to discover even more breathtaking […]