Finnish design pt. 1 – kids fashion

The idea for this blog post actually came from one of our readers, a Finnish-American woman I have gotten to know a little bit through Instagram. She asked me for some tips about Finnish kid’s design brands and before I knew it, I had uploaded a gazillion links to her Instagram message box. Oopsies. I was afraid I had gotten a bit carried away with all those tips and she would just roll her eyes around and never talk to me again, but no! Instead, she told me I should write a blog post about my favourite Finnish kid’s fashion brands.

What a great idea, I thought – and here we are. From this blog post you will find out what are the coolest Finnish children’s fashion brands (coming from a mom who has  truly fallen in love with some of them). So if you don’t have any kids, this post might not be your cup of tea (although it does include pretty nice fall themed pictures!) I will also make this a mini series of blog posts, as I have already decided to give you tips on some of my favourite Finnish brands I myself like to wear. But let’s get cracking!

One great thing about these Finnish kid’s brands is the fact that most of them are ecologically and ethically made. For me, it’s really important to know that my kid is not wearing a piece of clothing another child around the world had to sew. I also do not appreciate the idea that the clothes were made in factories that don’t meet the standards they should and the employees are not getting paid well enough for their work. I also like to buy and sell a lot of my boy’s clothes as second hand. That’s why a big plus side with these brands is that they are really durable, which makes the life-cycle of the product more sustainable.


Papu has been a favourite of ours almost since day one of my little man’s life. Papu makes playful, yet simple clothing with a unisex print design. The clothes are designed in Finland and made in the EU. In the making of these clothes, they use GOTS certified organic cotton which comes from Turkey. As they tell on their site, Papu’s design philosophy builds on collaboration, transparency, sustainability and positive vibes – so what’s there not to love!

The quality of Papu clothing is great. I have bought them as second hand in great condition, but also as new. After washing my boy’s Papu clothes in the machine for tens of times, there are still no signs of tips in the fabric. What’s also great with these clothes is that you can use them for a really long time on your child, thanks to the clever design. For example, the bodysuits for babies have double buttoning, shirt sleeves come with rollable cuffs and you can turn up the pant legs. Read more about Papu and the people behind the brand here.

In these pics my boy is wearing a tube scarf and patch leggings in perfect autumn colors from Papu.


Mainio has also been a cornerstone of my boy’s closet for more than a year now. They have simple black and white pieces that go with everything, but also goofy and adventurous prints that really have a personality and a quirky street cred side to them.

Mainio products are designed in Finland and manufactured partially in the EU in Lithuania, and partially in an Indian factory that has a SA8000 certification, a social accountability standard, and working conditions which the company has known for 15 years. The fabrics are GOTS certified organic cotton, and they can also take so many washes that you can happily sell the clothes as second hand even after your kids have grow out of them. I have happily bought them as second hand as well, and even as used they have been almost like new.

Mainio’s pieces have been spotted on Fergie’s son, on Sarah Jessica Parker’s daughter and on Gwen Stefani’s son, so they are definitely doing it right! Read more about Mainio and the philosophy behind the brand here.

In these pictures my boy is wearing the coolest “Mime” bomber sweatjacket (*) from Mainio.


Gugguu is one of the most popular brands in Finland at the moment. They sell out some of their drops in a heartbeat. We have only recently bought some of our first Gugguu items as their fit is slimmer, and my boy has been a bit more sturdy since he was a newborn, haha. But now we do love our simple Gugguu tricot pants and college baggy pants! I have bought also Gugguu as second hand, and they have stayed in a superb condition too.

Gugguu wants to produce their clothes nearby, so the clothes are made in Finland and in Estonia. The fabrics also come from Finland and Estonia, and 100% organic cotton has GOTS as well as Oeko-Tex 1000 Standards, which makes them safe for the child. Read more about Gugguu here.


VAI-KØ Clothing actually started by making beanies only for adults, but now they have made these great merino wool beanies also for kids for over a year now. We have these lovely beanies for the whole family, and I couldn’t be happier about the quality! The merino wool comes from licensed farms in Patagonia, Argentina. It is bluesign and GOTS sertified, thus also mulesign free. All VAI-KØ beanies are manufactured here in Finland, and they have a free shipping all over the world when your order exceeds 100€. Read more about VAI-KØ and their philosophy here.

In these pictures my boy is wearing the kid’s Timberjack beanie in autumn gold colour.


Vimma has been super popular for the past couple of years, thanks to their hit pattern “Letti” (translates to braid) by designer Maija Louekari (who has also worked for Marimekko). Vimma is known for their colourful and distinctive, graphic patterns. Vimma has a big store in Helsinki, at Telakkakatu 6.

Other interesting brands:

TAIVAL CLOTHING (a fairly new brand)

KAIKO CLOTHING (also a fairly new brand)

METSOLA (an older brand that has gone through a small face lift recently)

YO ZEN DESIGN (they make also lovely jewellery!)

Where to buy?

Most of these clothes can be bought online, but when visiting Finland, you can find most of these brands for example at Stockmann in Helsinki. Check out other retailers from the brands own website – some of them, like Mainio and Papu, have retailers across the globe!

(*) Special thanks to Mainio Clothing for the amazing Mime bomber they sent for my boy for these photos!

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