Repovesi National Park and last colors of the fall

Is exploring the wilderness, or even spending a night out there, something you might want to try on your travels to Finland? Answer to your longing might be Repovesi National Park, which offers something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a wilderness newbie or a true forest ranger, you will undoubtedly find outstanding views and unique experiences by roaming these bare cliffs, forests and waters of Repovesi.

Wilderness only couple hours away from Helsinki

Last autumn we spent a lovely weekend at the Repovesi National Park near Kouvola. The park is a true Finnish gem which lies only a 2-3 hours ride away from Helsinki. You can pack a tent and spend a couple of nights in the park, or rent a cabin from nearby, like we did. There are also cosy Lapp-style huts available for renting, so this will definitely be our next time choice. Repovesi is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year, but hiking surrounded by the all colors of the fall was something we’ll never forget. The crispy air, rugged forests with bright yellow autumn frosting, clear watered lakes and well marked hiking paths were easily accessible with children too.

Enjoying the power of nature

There are actually many different loop tracks in the park and the distances vary from five kilometers to over 25 km’s hikes. In the summertime there are altogether 45 km of marked trails in Repovesi. In addition to hiking, you can also go canoeing or rock climbing in this rugged national park. There is also so much to see if traveling with kids: Lapinsalmi hanging bridge, the hand-operated Fox’s Ferry and fine views over the treetops from the park’s high spots. And of course one of the most important experiences is to just sit round a campfire listening how the forest whispers its secrets, count all the stars you can see so so clearly (there sure is no light pollution around there) and just letting the nature take the control of your mind and soul.

On summer weekends the most popular paths might be a bit crowded, when all the Finns are escaping from cities to the nature.  But don’t you worry – there is enough forest for everyone. If you would like to wander just by yourself, just take the trail which nobody seems to use and you might find something spectacular.

“Repovesi National Park with the adjoining Aarnikotka Nature reserve are mosaic of rugged cliffs, forests and waters. The magnificent Olhavanvuori Rock and the reclusive but loud-voiced red-throated diver. The view over forests from the Mustalamminvuori Hill observation tower. Cultural history of forestry to the present day. Repovesi is also suitable for visitors of all ages all year.” Read more here.

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