Midsummer celebration in Finland

It’s Midsummer everyone! A perfect time to get out of the city and spend some time with your loved ones. The most common way to celebrate this festive of summer solstice is to party or relax at a summer cottage away from the city’s hustle and bustle. I’m like no other Finn, because I traveled 800 kilometers to spend Midsummer with my family at our cottage near the border of Lapland. This place – our cottage – is my escape from everything. Threre’s really nothing much to do, than just enjoy the silence and stillness of nature – and that’s just the way I like it.

In Finland we have a few Midsummer traditions, like collecting birch branches to be a bath whisk and enjoying the relaxing warmth of sauna. If you want to try something really Finnish, take a skinny dip in one of the tens of thousands of lakes we have here in Finland. But be prepared, most of the times sauna’s heath is actually the only warm breeze we’ll experience during Midsummer celebration, because the early summer can be rather cold, especially here up North. But That’s okay. “There is no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothing”, as we Finns say, and stay out all night long dancing by the huge bonfire called “juhannuskokko”.

In the old days many Midsummer spells were cast, and one in particular has stayed in my mind from the childhood. Picking up ten flowers and putting them under your pillow for the Midsummer night, would reveal your future spouse’s face in your sleep. This could be something you might want to try, if you are curious to see does the Midsummer macig work as promised.

Even though the weather is a bit chilly here in Finland right now, the Midsummer with it’s many outdoor activities will keep us warm. My plan is to put another warming layer on and enjoy this white magical night by the very same lake my father was born during the Midsummer over 60 years ago. In June 1952 the lake was roaring just like today, when the next page of my family’s history was written.

Enjoy your Midsummer! And stay warm.

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My name is Marjaana (or Rimma as you all know better here in social media). My roots are in Kainuu and heart belongs to Finnish nature. I’m a professional photographer, visual storyteller and adventuring mom, who loves to capture beautiful sceneries of our precious home country. Welcome to fall into Finland!