Lapland state of mind

What’s so amazing about Lapland? Why can one claim it to be a true Winter Wonderland?

It blows your mind out and it leaves you speechless. Its unique beauty doesn’t stop to the snow-covered trees and fjells, oh no. It continues to the night sky where you might be able to discover even more breathtaking beauty. The Auroras, nature’s very own fireworks are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. And because there’s no light pollution in Lapland, you will be able to see the endless sea of stars almost from everywhere after the night falls.

Looking for some hustle and bustle? Or is peace and quiet more your piece of cake?

Lapland has it all. Through its lively small cities, vibrant ski resorts and hospitable local people, you can sense the real Lappish atmosphere and feel yourself warmly welcome. But just minutes away from all the fuss, you can dive into the world of calmness and let your mind travel free through endless wilderness.

And finally – what is the most amazing thing about Lapland? Its the contrasts. The four seasons. Nightless nights during the short but warm summer. Moody dark days of wintery “kaamos”, when the sun doesn’t rise at all above the horizon. It’s all the bright colors of the fall and the spring that never comes early enough.

These wintery views are from Iso-Syöte National Park, one of the best locations to explore the spectacular beauty of Finnish Lapland.

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My name is Marjaana (or Rimma as you all know better here in social media). My roots are in Kainuu and heart belongs to Finnish nature. I’m a professional photographer, visual storyteller and adventuring mom, who loves to capture beautiful sceneries of our precious home country. Welcome to fall into Finland!