Lapland state of mind

What’s so amazing about Lapland? Why can one claim it to be a true Winter Wonderland? It blows your mind out and it leaves you speechless. Its unique beauty doesn’t stop to the snow-covered trees and fjells, oh no. It continues to the night sky where you might be able to discover even more breathtaking […]

An unforgettable canoeing trip to Julma Ölkky

It’s an early Monday morning. I wake up to the familiar sound of my phone’s alarm clock. On a normal morning the sound would be kind of annoying, but not today. Today that beeping noise calls me out for an adventure. I ensure that I still have time to dress up without hurrying and eat […]

A few must do’s while visiting Hossa National Park

When talking about Hossa National Park, the first vision is it’s endless eskers, rugged paths, clearest ponds and stillness. Yes – stillness and mindfullness are a new global trend, and there is no better place to enjoy these kinds of things than Hossa National Park. Suomussalmi, where Hossa is located, is actually my childhood home […]