Finland – the first country in the world to have a flag day for its nature

On our centennial celebration year 2017 we will have our first official flag day to honor our nature. The date is set to be the last Saturday in August, so this year it’ll be the 26th of August. And for sure we here at Fall into Finland are going to celebrate this in some way! […]

An unforgettable canoeing trip to Julma Ölkky

It’s an early Monday morning. I wake up to the familiar sound of my phone’s alarm clock. On a normal morning the sound would be kind of annoying, but not today. Today that beeping noise calls me out for an adventure. I ensure that I still have time to dress up without hurrying and eat […]

Paddling, one of the best hobbies in the land of thousands of lakes

The water is flowing underneath your vessel. You float almost in complete silence – only the ripple of water can be heard, when your paddle passes through the surface of the lake. A sudden noise made by some water birds awakens your senses for a while, and a family of Mallards passes your kayak. Slowly […]

A few must do’s while visiting Hossa National Park

When talking about Hossa National Park, the first vision is it’s endless eskers, rugged paths, clearest ponds and stillness. Yes – stillness and mindfullness are a new global trend, and there is no better place to enjoy these kinds of things than Hossa National Park. Suomussalmi, where Hossa is located, is actually my childhood home […]

The story about how we became the official #adventuringmoms of Finland

When we found out that we’re having babies, we decided we wouldn’t become those moms who give up their own passions and hobbies after having kids. Having a child does not mean you can’t do anything fun anymore, but somehow we still had to justify this to many people. “After having a kid you sure […]